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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is magazine writing dead?

I noticed a series of cool articles about the importance of magazine writing on non-fiction for kids. The thing is ... these articles were written in 2004.

My question is this... in the current publication environment, where short stories are getting good play on Kindle Shorts, and magazine publication is down overall, are these articles still relevant to an author seeking to get their content about science out there?

Here's an article on the rise & relevance of short stories online for 99cents:

would it make more sense to move your publications into this venue? (admittedly formatting/editing for Kindle is not straightforward). Moreover, other formats (epub) make it easy to insert actual movies (short vids), and are much more visually engaging for kids of this era.

What about the use of apps? Here's a nice outfit that claims to be able to create kid-friendly apps to go with your non-fiction children's book:

And here's another example from Twitter;
If you have older kids who love Legos, and you have an iTouch, iPhone or iPad 2, the Life of George game is fun.

Over Xmas I watched my nephew spend an obscene amount of hours on his gameboy playing educational apps. (They said that couldn't be done -- interesting kids in educational apps, but I saw it happen. His favorite app was Family Feud, but he had to spell a lot, and asked us endless spelling questions.)

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